Sunday, March 19, 2017

Turning three, a Long Distance Anniversary!

When you turn three and you are continents apart, you turn back and realize you are right where you wanted to be as a couple, or maybe even ahead!

When suddenly your daily lifestyle turns from “married” to “single”, life abruptly goes into a limbo, sending you scrambling for ways to fill the emptiness.
When you can’t wake up next to each other every day, you text sweet nothings instead and pelt each other with ugly morning selfies! When you’re in bed alone, tossing ‘cause you just can’t seem to get comfortable, you realize that you are missing those annoying snores that had become your lullaby.(Time to rake out that recording of his snores on your phone :P)

When you’re time zones apart and your days and nights are flipped, you live each day twice! When you can’t wait up for each other after work to pour out all your stories, you chronicle them instead and fit them into long phone conversations and random hangout sessions. When you're at the mercy of technology to keep you connected, you hope those pixels better be capturing every inch of him well enough that you don't miss even a small blemish!
When you're spending most of your holidays apart, wherever you go, you leave behind little promises to return with each other. When the sight of every cozy couple makes you squirm inside 'cause you are painfully aware of the void you feel, you grit your teeth and suck it up because the thought of what the future could hold, makes this all worthwhile.

When the timeline of your life is running in reverse, you’ve been given a second chance. From best friends to marriage and then marriage to Long Distance; It’s another chance at courtship, to fall head over heels in love all over again!
When you no longer have the weekend multiplex dates to look forward to, you scour the internet for the perfect “Long-Distance-Movie-Night” app. And when you don’t have to share a popcorn tub or call dibs on the last piece of Nachos, you order delivery food for each other, point it at the small video chat window on the screen and munch it by yourself. When you’re celebrating most of the milestones in your life apart, you look back to the special ones you’ve had together for comfort and vow to make up for the lost ones in style!

When every day without him feels the same, you categorize all your days into three types:
Days that go by trying to fill the empty spaces,
Days that you count in between visits,
Days that you are actually together, you can see each other and touch each other.
When you have to fly across oceans to see each other, airports become special - sometimes that friend who brings us together again and sometimes the enemy that bears witness to our painful goodbyes. When there are long periods of separation between you, every brief meet becomes special; You treasure every moment with each other like an unexpected gift! And when you are with each other again, you realize distance not only makes the heart grow fonder, it also makes you wilder and more carefree! ;)

Even though you wouldn’t wish a long distance relationship on anyone, you embrace it happily, because it is the most amazing thing that could have happened to your relationship. And moreover, when you're treading a path less taken, you just drudge along determined to pave one yourself; hoping one day you'll have a hell of a story to narrate to your kids!