Saturday, March 19, 2016

Two Already!

Well, this one zoomed by real fast. It's been two full earthly years! That's a giant step further into becoming a "husband" and a "wife" from "you" and "I". Enough time for the truth, the revelation of what we've really gotten ourselves into, to hit us!

Two years is just about enough to accept that, most of what is said about marriages is really true. Enough to upend a longingly uncomplicated single life and dissolve into the tousles of marriage. Enough time to have all those inevitable couple fights - "You dropped a wet towel on the bed", "This argument is getting one-sided", "You made me wait too long", "Why am I telling this to you like the nth time", "I don't get my me-time anymore" and the like! 

But it is not nearly enough time, to make you forget that everyone else is a rule and you're the exception. 
The sheepish expression on your face when it dawns on you that you pulled a "wet towel" yet again, magically straightens my disapproving brows and then that's that(It's another thing that we launch into a pillow fight a minute later! ). It takes me a couple of moments of being left alone to see the unfairness of an argument (really, just a couple of moments, but I know they must seem wretchedly long to you!) . But when I do make my way back to you with a more sensible mind and an even sillier heart, you soften; and that's all it takes to bury the thing. That surge of anger rising as I restlessly scan the incoming vehicles to spot you, is duly forgotten when a mutual favorite number pops up on the local radio and we hum along together, the bliss of the music and lyrics consuming us. The acceptance that I really have a memory the size of a pea, helps you summon the patience to explain that important thing to me yet again and pray, hope that I really get it this time. And well, we both being slightly(or mostly? That's a debate for another day!) introverted individuals, need constant self time to recharge ourselves. And when one of us is feeling deprived of it, a sympathetic nod is all that is needed to remind us that we totally dig each other!

More importantly, two years is just about enough to get some dark truths out of the closet. Enough to get you to confess that between the two of us, you're the one more terrified of canines. And the sight of one, makes you wanna hold me tight, not to protect me; rather, to reassure yourself! Enough to make me concede that more often than not, I mix up opinions and facts and actually assert myself with such conviction as to make you think twice :P 

Yet, it is not nearly enough time to completely understand each other's daily shenanigans. Like why I love flopping on the wrong end of the bed at the end of a tedious day. If truth be told, staring at a slightly different patch of the ceiling somehow gives me the feeling that not everything in life is the same old, boring routine(Weird, I know!). And of course, it's my way of testing how long you can keep your OCD at bay, before promptly nudging me to my end of the bed, so that you can have "Your Spot"! :P And by Jove, I will never quite understand why your idea of cleaning up the wardrobe means emptying the contents onto the floor and arranging them in laboriously thought out categories while scribbling away on your notepad for the rest of the day! Well of course, we both know how it ends. At the end of the day, you hurriedly put them back in after I stare you down, exasperated! :O

Above all, two years may be insufficient to know each other inside out, but ample enough to look inside each other and discern the darkest fears and most cherished desires. It was enough for us to find it in ourselves to treasure each other's dreams like our own and find true happiness in helping each other chase them. Those very dreams may take over our life for the coming few years and we may not get enough of each other. But I know, as I look back at this day every year, it will invariably feel like a lifetime of "us" may still not be enough.

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